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Many Offers are Ongoing​

We are opening our premium outlet at Lokhandwala. On the occasion of this we are offering special offer on Make-Up, Hair Treatment, Spa and Counseling.

Our Services​

Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy is the best skin specialist and cosmetic dermatologist in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. We offer a wide range of Make Up and Hair Treatment at our clinic. Our service also includes Image Consultation, personality development and Personal Counselling

Skin Treatment​

Victrrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy is an advanced skin treatment facility located in the Lokhandwala, Mumbai. We are offering a wide range of aesthetic skin treatments. Click here to know about Skin Treatment in Mumbai​

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Hair Treatment​

Comprehensive hair treatment in Mumbai. At Victtrix, we have treated hundreds of hair problems such as Hair Fall, Split Hair and others successfully. We have a speciality in Hair Spa Treatment for smooth and glowing hair

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Facial Treatment​

We at Victtrix, treat your face with the authentic quality base facial kit as per your face type. Our Face Expert will clean your face and turn your face into a bright and glowing face. Click on More for a wide range of Facial Treatment in Mumbai

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Experience the authentic Spa treatment at Victtrix. Spa at Victtrix has carefully balanced with original oils and soft-touch hands for a complete body cleanse and replenish. Decrease the dullness and dryness & restore the new positive energy within the body. Explore the Spa Treatment in Andheri by clicking more

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Image Correction​

“First Impression is the last impression” – In reality, this phrase work. If you want to be a public icon or your profession needs such a very charismatic personality, then you need Image Consultation. Under Image Consultation in Andheri, We will groom your appearance, work on your gesture, find out best dressing understanding and help you to improve your personality. To know in details click on more​

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Throughout life, everyone has to face a bad phase of life. Some people easily deal with their problems, but many people face difficulty to deal with problems & moved towards unwanted steps such as run away, give up or attempt to kill self. But Personal Counselling can help a lot to such people. It has been seen that people who are under pressure are done well after counselling and constant followups. At Victtrix we offer Personal Counselling for Marriage, Personal Problems, Family Issues, Financial Issue or another. Click on more to know in details

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Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy

Makeup and Beautician Course

Victtirx Cosmetology Clinic and Academy is an international school for Cosmetology in Mumbai. At Victtirx Cosmetology Clinic and Academy we focus on the complete development of the student through various activity and provide the opportunity to grow in the industry.

Why Victtrix?

Experienced Staff

At Victtrix, we have experienced staff for Skin, Hair, and Body Treatment.

Best Quality

We believe in quality and service and we use best quality cosmetics for your Skin, Hair, and Body.

Best Offers

Get amazing offers and discount on services. Enjoy premium service at discounted price.

certified Doctors

Dr. Sandya is certified Cosmetologist from UK. She has 25+ years of experience in Skin, Hair and Body

Victtrix Cosmetology Courses in Andheri

Victtrix Cosmetology Academy offers international level courses for Hair and Skin Treatments. Our Skin and Hair courses are a one-on-one private course where we give personal attention to student.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:
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You are very dynamic person who has strong intuition power which helps in dealing with people. you have a very strong vibe around be. Feels comfortable to talk to you.😊
review 50x50
U are very kind and wonderful person.u guide one counselled me whenever I needed it.U are genuine friend and a good mentor with ur treatment our body and mind both gets relaxed. I am blessed to have u in my life Thank u for everything 🙏
review 50x50
U are just a wonderful person and best dermatologist. You have always given best treatment at reasonable cost.most dedicated person towards your work.so soft spoken and always give best advice for any treatment lv you dear stay bless and keep growing 🌹❤
Shweta Narayan
House Wife
review 50x50
After meeting you, life changed into a positive way U always guided me like a parent and your guidance is a blessing Thank u for everything and thank you for ur wonderful treatment which transformed me into a different and a confident person
House Wife


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Skin is a very vital organ of the body. Also skin is the most noticeable part of a person’s body,
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