Dr Sandaya View on 21 days Lockout

Video Transcript:

Hello Friends,

I am Dr Sandaya from Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy. Through this audio message, I wish to create awareness about the reason behind the government imposing lockdown on us? Because many of us taking this lockdown as fun and timepass and breaking the rules during the lockdown by roaming outside or playing on the road. They are not taking this situation in a serious note. As a doctor, we had called for volunteering at Government Hospital. We have to work round the clock for diagnosing till providing treatment to patients. Currently, it is a war-like situation at the hospital that we healthcare team only knew.

For us, it is staying at home but for entire medical staffs, it is working continuously to keep society safe and cure the COVID-19 virus-infected patients. Before the Corona Virus outbreak there are several other diseases also had spread like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Dengue, and others. But Government never imposes lockout order like now. This means COVID-19 virus is much more disastrous if it not control now. Government need each citizen support to fight with COVID-19, otherwise, the day is not far when just like Italy, India also suffer where daily on average 500 people are dying because of COVID-19. So, it is a very serious circumstance to catch. While returning to a home I noticed folks are enjoying there day at home, doing a party with loud songs, drinking and smoking, short having fun. Partying folks forgot that lockout means self quarantining at home and keeping social distance. Taking alcohol and smoking is deteriorating there health and increases the chances of getting infected from COVID-19 virus if they come to contact because of this.

COVID-19 is more prone to Smoker and if they get infected than chances of recovery for them is very low. Those, who died because of COVID-19, are had very low immunity, and medication also not helped them much. So, addictive people need to be in alert more than other healthy people. It is time to correct yourself and take one step to live a healthy life. Take advantage of Lockout and start exercising, eating on time, working towards quitting smoke and alcohol. For addictive people can see Rehab videos from YouTube and studying. Start following motivation videos, doing yoga at home, and some meditation. To engage more start home gardening. Do wheatgrass plantation, plant some coriander (which is now not available easily). make Wheatgrass Juice which is helpful to increase immunity. Eating fresh-hot food has many health benefits.

Consume fruits as much as you can. Add fruits which have Vitamin C because Vitamin C helps the white cell to fight with diseases. Those who can’t intake much Vitamin C due to health reason need to take boiled water with Tulsi and Ginger. Those who have Acidity problem due to lesser sleep they need to take more sleep. It is an opportunity for those who were neglecting to live a healthy life because of their busy work schedule. Utilise time at home to improve health.

When our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modiji has asked to clap or with plate make noise to say Thanks to all people who are working means to do it form home and not go outside and gathering. But, some of us did this in a very wrong way by coming outside of the home and start celebrating. Hence, I request everyone to follow the Government’s notice, stay at home and keep the social distance. Utilise the time to overcome from all bad habits, eat healthily, listen to mild songs, meditate for some time, focus on positive thinking. Initially, it will be difficult to do but further, it will be like a habit to you.

Nature has given a second chance to all of us to save humankind if we miss this than the day is not far when everyone vanishes and we all become history for others. Thanks for See our video.

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