Benefits Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair has always been a subject of admiration for beings. Every girl wishes to have perfect hair to flaunt. While some girls have fizzy or wavy hair which is difficult to handle at times, so they wish to have straight hair that goes with every situation and are manageable. With great developments in the cosmetic industry came a revolutionary procedure for hair, the Keratin treatment. 

Keratin is a protective protein that strengthens the hair and in the absence of it hair become dull, dry and fizzy. Actually with time hair loses keratin due to exposure of sunlight and pollution so the protein protects the hair. Keratin is used as an ingredient in hair cosmetics.

A Keratin treatment is a chemical process that brings smoothness and shine to hair. During keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to hair to make them silky and smooth. In the treatment, the structure of hair is not chemically changed, just the hair is made manageable and shiner. The result of this treatment varies from person to person. 

Procedure of Keratin treatment – 

It takes 3-4 hours for keratin treatment. Firstly the hairstylist applies keratin to the wet hair or blow-dry hair. The product contains formaldehyde in it and is made sure that it spreads evenly on all the strands.

After some time hair are straightened at the suitable temperature using a titanium flat iron machine.

Measures to be taken after the treatment –

Avoid washing or tying up your hair for initial 3 days as it might create a bend in the newly straightened hair. Use sulphate-free shampoos.

The cost of this Keratin hair treatment depends on various factors like length, texture and thickness of hair. It also depends on the brand and product used for the treatment. 

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