Why Skin Care Treatment Is So Essential?

Skin is a very vital organ of the body. Also skin is the most noticeable part of a person’s body, so it becomes essential to keep utmost care of the skin. But with time our skin starts getting dull and acne, scars, age spots, and wrinkles start appearing on skin. Therefore it becomes extremely essential to take good care of skin. A basic skin treatment helps in cleaning pores, removing dead skin cells, and treating common skin problems like acne, dark circles, uneven skin, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. 

Some Skin Care Methods –

  1. Cleanser –
    Cleanser helps in removing oil, dirt and other pollutants from the face. It prevents the face from acne and pores. Person having dry skin should use alcohol free cleanser while for an oily skin, an oil free cleanser. Cleanser must be applied after washing the face.
  2. Toner –
    Toner is a lotion that shrinks the appearance of pores on face. It makes the face smooth, refreshing and restores nutrients.
  3. Moisturizer –
    Moisturizer helps in protecting and lubricating the skin. It helps in maintaining a balance in skin’s moisture as it prevents face from external environmental damage.
  4. Serum –
    Serum is a skincare product that contains powerful active ingredients. It treats wrinkles, fine lines and smoothens the face.

Some of the common skin treatments are – 

  • Microdermabrasion:

This treatment helps in removing age spots and lighten ace scars. The physician sprays on the skin layer, while using suction simultaneously to remove the crystals and dead skin cells.

  • Chemical Peels:

This is a cosmetic treatment performed on the face, to rejuvenate the skin. The peels correct the skin irregularities and act as an anti-ageing solution.

  • Laser Resurfacing:

This treatment helps in removing outer layer of the skin and stimulating new skin cells in the underlying layer of the skin. Therefore eliminates wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

  • Dermabrasion:

This procedure treats scars and wrinkles. The physician uses a device to scrape away the top layer of skin. But there are certain side effects in this like redness, burning, pain and swelling.

  • Laser Hair Removal:

This is a common procedure to remove unwanted hair. Factors like skin type, hair thickness and color determine the laser strength and number of treatments required. Hair loss is permanent after 5 sessions for most of the people.

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