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At Victtrix, because of our work, we earn positive feedback from our respected clients. These reviews are encouraging us to serve you better and better.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Sandhya for almost 14 years now. She is a complete Expert in matters of Skin, Hair and overall Health. Armed with the knowledge of many disciplines, her sound advices and sharp perspectives can be quite 'therapeutic' for anyone who has known her or has the chance of interacting with her. She has been a very insightful counsellor for me personally and I know I can always rely on her guidance!
You do great job Sandhya which we all appreciate.. We all worry about our looks and you’re the one who remove our complex and that is what is the best thing about you..So thank you for all the efforts you put behind one person ♥
A beautiful soul.... With beautiful heart and mind...a through guider gives true and proper suggestions...i am coming to her since my early teen and till now....she is positive and hard working. 😘😘😍😍🍫
Very good your work is very good dr.Sandhya your work improved my face and it helped a lot
After meeting you, life changed into a positive way U always guided me like a parent and your guidance is a blessing Thank u for everything and thank you for ur wonderful treatment which transformed me into a different and a confident person
I am overwhelmed by your treatment and understanding on the problems/concerns raised snd the solution which helped me overcome them, thank you so much 🙏🏻
Hi Sandhya..... M very happy to have you as my friend... We have been connected since many years now....u are a wonderful person, and the same reflects in your work too...A very humble person, very dedicated, hardworking, knowledgeable , polite person. Your treatments are wonderful with amazing results . I wish you all the best for your future.. God bless u!!
I don't have words to say thanks to Dr.sandhya🙏🏻As whatever hairs I have got today is just bcoz of her...when I was burnt almost 40 to 45%...I had lost all my hair, but with the help of Dr.sandhyas treatment, I have got my hair back which is unbelievable..This had happened almost 11 years before when treatment was not so great...Dr.sandhya is really a gem of a person who is very positive always gave me confidence and who taught me to love myself🙏🏻
Good treatment n Good work🙂👍
I am very very thankful to have you in my life as a friend philosopher and guide.😊😘😘
I have no words forYour devine nature your services ,I appreciate your craft and skill and treatment. according to different nature of different clients
It helped me a lot to overcome my depression.
Your mind body soul and beauty treatment is owsom .
My dear you do good job .God is help you and we all with you we pray to mata jaga deeshvari bless you🙏
What should I say about u n ur work Sandhya, U are my inspiration... U are my positive energy... U are my well wisher... U are my strong support... U are important person in my life... U ARE GOD GIFT FOR ME😍 I don't know that am I your good friend but U are my best friend 😘 😘 THANKS FOR EVERYTHING
Beautiful mind, beautiful should, love everything of her work. Dr Sandya thanks for being here!!!
U are just a wonderful person and best dermatologist. You have always given best treatment at reasonable cost.most dedicated person towards your soft spoken and always give best advice for any treatment lv you dear stay bless and keep growing 🌹❤
I had skin related disease, I got many remedies and treatment .finally After getting Dr. Sandhya, the doctor went to the root of the disease and treated me, now I am completely fine. Method of treatment of Dr. Sandhya: It is the quality of his treatment to listen carefully to his patient. Due to his diet and yoga related advice, my decision-making ability and personal life as well as work output have changed amazingly.
U are very kind and wonderful person.u guide one counselled me whenever I needed it.U are genuine friend and a good mentor with ur treatment our body and mind both gets relaxed. I am blessed to have u in my life Thank u for everything 🙏
Its always pleasure to get treated from you. I can not thought get treating anyone else to get treating. I am too satisfied with all services offered and they are really with expertise hands and personal touch too. But l do have one thing to sort out with you is you are too busy for me and sometimes even do not reply to acknowledge my calls even. I do understand you must be having a long list of valued customer and may be you are not finding time for yourself. But still my insist will remain that you should be take out some time for me from your busy schedule. Keep growing and God bless you 😘
A wonderful person who makes an individual realize importance of self love & care
Hello Sandhya, U as friend supported and guided me in a right way Help me take correct decision and thank u for being a very good friend
You are very dynamic person who has strong intuition power which helps in dealing with people. you have a very strong vibe around be. Feels comfortable to talk to you.😊
I came in contact with u nearly 12 yrs ago when my sister got some coupon of ur salon to get a facial done . And it was a very good experience... For the 1st time I experienced a professional facial and my skin felt very good .... After that we had been coming to u for some or the other services. And For my wedding the makeup was done by u ..which was very good .... Whenever we needed any guidance u have given us good guidance and I am very Thankful for ur help and guidance and getting to know u has been a pleasure....

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