Bridal Makeup Courses

Bridal Makeup Courses in India Bridal Makeup Courses in India – 105 Hrs ​ The course topics include Pre Wedding Facial Treatments Wedding Makeup with Air Brush Machine, Wedding Hairstyling, Manicure, Pedicure, Threading, Waxing, Home made Body Scrubs and Henna Application. Course Details Student will be trained in specific methods and procedures drawn up to …

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Online Courses

Online Cosmetology Courses In India Online Cosmetology courses in India Out of the 108 present in India, we are not at all proud to be the next number in line with regard to online cosmetology courses in India. Yes, you read that right.  We mean what good comes out of teaching students how to control …

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Online Consultation

Online Cosmetology Consultation Online Cosmetology Consultation: Welcome to Victtrix – An immersive online cosmetology consultation service for all your beauty and wellness needs. We understand how important it is to look good and feel good. For the very natural experience of benefit for all your hair and skin problems, we have services that focus, yes, …

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Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Treatment Laser Hair Loss Treatment – 600 Hrs ​ You are losing hair because of lots of health and lifestyle reasons that malnourish your hair from texture to growth altogether. Course Details Loss of hair due to dry scalp, oily scalp, sedentary forms of health conditions are just some of the causes for …

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Spa Treatment Course

Spa Treatment Course Spa Treatment Course – 70 Hrs To prepare the students to perform advanced spa Treatments highly required by today’s salon and spa services. Students will learn Hydrotherapy treatments and also the Vichy shower operations. At the end of the course the student will obtain a spa Treatment Certificate. Course Details The Course …

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Image Consultation

Advanced Image Consultation Advanced Image Consultation – 600 Hrs Your image is everything for your personal and professional growth. Smart people always looks smart. Image Consultants are helping people gain confidence and grow. Course Details How to Create signature style, how to enhance personality,costume style,balance diet,body anatomy, skin enhancement Views Achieving Client Service Excellence, Impact …

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Nail Art Course

Nail Art Course Nail Art Course – 35 Hrs Advance nail techniques will be taught. At the completion of the course the students will obtain a Nail Art Certificate. Course Details Topics cover modern nail techniques such as Tip Application such as Tip Application, Wraps Acrylics, Gels, Extensions, Nail Art and Design. Inquiry Now Accessories …

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Dietician Course​

Dietician Course Dietician Course – 300 Hrs Here are some of the diets that may be ordered by your physician: Course Details Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy offers end to end Dietician course. Our course is internationally approved course. After successfully completion of Dietician Course, you will get certificate from Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy. …

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Reflexology Course

Reflexology Course Reflexology Course – 200 Hrs At Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy offers the certification course for Reflexology Course . Course Details Learn state of art Reflexology course from Victtrix. Student will learn various method body self-healing concept. You can get training from expert trainer from Industries. Inquiry Now Standard Victtrix Uniform Dress Code: …

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Basic Manicure & Pedicure Course

Basic Manicure & Pedicure Course Basic Manicure & Pedicure Course – 70 Hrs Enroll for Basic Manicure & Pedicure Course​ from Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy to upgrade your skills and add new service to your venture. Course Details The course concentrates on the beautification of the hands and feet, promoting services highly required by …

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