Hair Styling and Hair Dressing Course

Hair Styling and Hair Dressing Course

– 560 Hrs ​

The course combine theory and practice with sophisticated scalp treatments and advance hair techniques.

Course Details

The curriculum is divided in four modules of one month each. Students will get a certificate for each module. At the end of the course the student will obtain an International Diploma in Hair Styling & Hair Dressing.

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Course Module:

  • The topics covered are Basic Hair techniques and Scalp Treatment
  • Advance Modern Hair Cutting
  • Hair Coloring Hair Chemical Treatment with perming and Relaxing techniques and Hair Styling
  • How to use Accessories and Tools
  • Salon Ethics and Training

Standard Victtrix Uniform Dress Code

  • Uniform
  • Gloves
  • Slipper/Shoes
  • Cotton Rolls
  • Cotton Buds
  • Terry Towels
  • Tissues
  • Mask
  • Hair Net
  • Note Book and Pen

Course Kit Contents:

Victtrix Cosmetology provide different Course Kit as per course module or section. Below is course kit contents as per module.

Hair Cutting Module Kit

  • Shear 5 ½ inch with detach rest
  • Thinning Shear
  • Hair Shaper
  • Hair Shaper Blades
  • All Purpose Comb
  • Barber Comb
  • Velcro Comb Out Cape
  • 8 oz Spray Bottle, Plastic Butterfly Clips and Mannequin

Hair Styling Module Kit

  • Brush-Nylon Bristles
  • Brush Paddle Cushion
  • All Purpose Comb
  • Comb-Super Style
  • Comb-Super Metal Tail
  • Com-Confetti 7/12 inch
  • Velcro Comb Out Cape
  • 8 oz Spray Bottle
  • Clips Steel- Duck Bill
  • Clips Steel Single Prong
  • Bobby Pins- Round Ends
  • Hair Pins
  • Teasing Comb

Hair Chemical Texture Module Kit

  • 8 oz Spray Bottle
  • Com-Super Metal Tail
  • Shampoo Cape Velcro
  • Gloves Vinyl
  • Dye Brush
  • All Purpose Comb
  • Small Rollers
  • Medium Rollers
  • Large Roller
  • End Paper
  • Duck Clips
  • Dye Bowl
  • Mannequin

Hair Coloring Module Kit

  • Zee Comb- Tangle Comb
  • Frosting Cap with Needle
  • Comb-Super Metal Tail
  • Velcro Shampoo Cape
  • Gloves Vinyl
  • 6 oz Color Bottle with Marking 6 oz Color  Top
  • Clips 2 inch jaws butterfly assorted
  • Mannequin
  • Dye Brush
  • Brush- Confetti Big Size
  • Barbers Comb

Career Call

With successful completion of Hair Styling and Hair Dressing Course​ you can start career as :

  • Hair Dresser
  • Hair Consultant
  • Hair Colorist
  • Hair Specialist

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