Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

We offer comprehensive hair treatment in Andheri, Mumbai by hair specialize doctor in . At Victtrix, we offer Cysteine Treatment for Hair, Keratin Hair Treatment, Alopecia Treatment, Split Hair Treatment, Anti Dandruff Treatment, Hair Spa Treatment and more. Our hair problem doctor can help to get treated from hair problems such as Hair Fall, Split Hair, Hair Grow, Hair Color, Hair Rebonding with all safety and precaution. Our expert Hair Specialist will make sure for best Hair Treatment and Hair Spa Treatment for smooth and glowing hair.

Hair Care

Alopecia Treatment

You may see lots of hair fall on floor, bed, shower drain, means your going through Alopecia Areata, where hair fall start from any corner of the head. Don’t ignore this in an early stage. Alopecia Areata or Hair Fall has a proper solution and prevent baldness and further hair fall.

The Victtrix is alopecia treatment center in Andheri, Mumbai. We offer the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai. Our hair fall treatment can help you to rid of Alopecia Areata. Our hair falls treatment work naturally and one of the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai. Our Hair fall treatment for women function 7 days between 10 AM to 5 PM.

Hair Care

Split End Hair Treatment

Split ends are a result of the fraying or separating of the hair strand into two or more fragments. Split End Hair is the most common thing in females.

At Victtrix offers Split Ends Hair Treatment with affordable cost. Our Split ends hair treatment in Andheri, Mumbai includes consultation, splits end hair diagnose, after that, we start Split End Hair Treatment.

Split ends &frizzy hair treatment is applicable for black hair, curly hair or dry hair too. We have a variety of split hair remedies and solution as per the Hair Type and conditions. Our expert team will help you to overcome from Split Hair problem. Contact us for details or schedule appointment.

Hair Care

Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is dead skins from a skull that keeps falling over the period. But for some people, Dandruff fall is much extensive than normal. This usually because of dull and dry hair.

The Anti Dandruff Treatment is easy and effective at Victtrix. Our anti-dandruff treatment salon is offering Anti Dandruff Treatment with affordable cost in Andheri, Mumbai. If you’re looking for most effective anti-dandruff treatment in Andheri Mumbai, then please call us for details or to book an appointment.

Hair Care

Hair Spa Treatment

There are lots of benefits of hair spa treatment at Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic in Andheri. Hair Spa Treatment not only nurtures your hair but also hair spa treatment after your hair look get enhance. After Hair Spa Treatment, your hair can become smoother, shiner and bouncy.

Following types of Hair Spa Treatment offered at Victtrix includes :

Keratin Hair Treatment

At Victtrix Cosmetology we offer the best keratin hair treatment price in Andheri Mumbai as compared to others. At Victtrix you can customise Keratin hair treatment cost by adding Addon or Changing the procedure as per best suite to your hair. There are many keratin hair treatment benefits for hair. For details please contact us.

Cysteine Treatment for Hair

Cysteine Treatment for hair will give new look to extremely frizzy and unmanageable hair. Our Cysteine Treatment for hair will strengthen the hair root for stronger hair and prevent hair fall too. For residence of Andheri Versova and Juhu area, Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic is cysteine hair treatment near me. We are running an introductory offer where cysteine hair treatment price is less as compare to others. Contact us for more details or appointments.

Pro-Keratin Hair Treatment

At Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic we offer hi-pro-pac keratin protein hair treatment in Andheri Mumbai. Our Pro Keratin Hair Treatment is good for hair as we rebuild the hair by putting back the lost protein into strands. Our pro keratin treatment price is unmatched as compared to others with an amazingly silky smooth result. 

Pro Protein Hair Treatment

Take protein hair treatment benefits for soft silky hair. At Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic, offers Pro Protein hair treatment for black hair, natural hair, and all types of hair. Consult today for amazing Pro Protein Hair Treatment in Andheri at Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic

Hair Problem / Solution FAQ

Yes, At Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic, our expert assured you for all hair problem solution.

Yes, Dr Sandaya would help you to resolve your hair problem.

The Keratin Hair Treatment price depends on hair condition and sitting requirements. Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic is known for affordable keratin hair treatment price in Mumbai.

Our Hair Problem Doctor will give you a guideline for after Keratin Hair Treatment.

Yes, If your residence of Andheri West, then our clinic is near to you.

Yes, Our Hair Treatment includes the Split Ends hair Treatment at best price

It is very affordable cysteine hair treatment in Mumbai. The cysteine hair treatment price would decide after consultation with the Dr Sandaya. Every hair needs a different level of cysteine hair treatment.

Their many protein hair treatment benefits, Protein treatments are an essential part of maintaining the health of hair. It strengthens hair, prevents breakage, repair damage the damaged hair.

The Pro-Keratin Treatment benefits are following –
1) Hair gets Manageable and shinier
2) Hair appears glossy and fuller
3) Curly hair becomes less frizzy and manageable
4) Hair looks straight
5) Can be styled easily

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