Holistic Treatment Course

Holistic Treatment Course

– 120 Hrs

At Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy offers the Holistic Treatment Course for them who wish to make a career on Holistic Treatment in Mumbai or abroad.

Course Details

Holistic Therapies is one of the fasted and popular therapy concepts in Urban India. More people approach to Holistic Treatment for healing. Be a part of this by enrolling to the Holistic Treatment Course from Zophiel Cosmetology Clinic and Academy.
Zophiel Cosmetology Clinic and Academy offers 120 Hours Course which includes Numerology, Akashik Records, Advanced Akashi Records, Tarot Reading, Angel Card Reading, Reiki.
Each lecture will be conducted by Dr Sandaya to individual students. At Zophiel we have single student batch only with real examples.

Numerology – 25 hrs

Numerology is science to identify the personality, strengths, talent, obstacles, needs, emotional and dealing with life challenges through numbers. One can explore the upcoming challenges and opportunity if he/she knew Numerology effects on their life. Through Numerology find the solution for problems in life and strengthen the personality with small changes in lifestyle.

Numerology is very highly demanding career in Urban India. A Numerologist can set up their consulting firm to serve a client. Under the Holistic Treatment Course, we included the Numerology Study to strengthen the career in Numerology. This 120 hours Numerology course cover updated course modules and study with examples.

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