Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling

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Why Counseling is Important?

To overcome from Weakness

Counselor will help you to overcome from your weakness. Prepare you to face challenges of life. Help to be make you strong.

To Change Your Perspective

Due to many negativity in life, you may see the world in different way. Counselor will help you to see the world in positive way.

Enhance Life

Counselor will help you to enhance your life. Counselor will guide you How to live healthy life? Make you understand the benefit of healthy life.

Help You to Set Your Goal

Counselor will help you to set your goals. Provide you road map to achieve your goal in life.

To Help You Control Your Emotions

Counselor will help you to control your emotions such as Anger, Hatred, Jealous, Insecurity, Lust, or Furious.

Enhance Your Focus

Counselor will help you to enhance your focus. Through different medication and exercises Counselor will improve your concentration.

What You Say Stay Here!!

Counselor won't discuss or gossip your problem with anyone. So, what you say remain here only. Privacy remain highest priority.

Find Solution for Problem

Counselor will be help you to find the solution for your problems. Help you on How can you come out of different problems in life.

Our Counselor

Dr Sandya

Cosmetology CIDESCO (Zurich), Para Medical (Zurich), MD – Naturopath, Affiliated with UK (VTCT)

Dr Sandaya has experienced counsellor in Mumbai, who to deal with the problem of any age of person including kids. Her approach toward the problem is different from any other counsellor. Dr Sandaya does analysis cases and trying to find the root cause of the problem, stress and depression.

As a counsellor, Dr Sandaya deals with anxiety, panic attacks, ego problem, relationship problem or stress. Her expertise includes the problem related to Careers, Relationship, Family, Parenting or Student issues.

Dr Sandaya is available on specific time in a day. It is important to take an appointment to meet her. The single session will be for 60 minutes. Please click here to book an appointment with Dr Sandaya.

Available Counseling in Mumbai

Anyone who is having depression, stress or anxiety due to personal problems are get connected with Dr Sandaya. Dr Sandaya will prepare you to deal with personal problems.

Its competitive world, competition starts from the school itself. Many Students are not able to make themselves fit in this competition, But there is always a solution to problems. Just make an appointment with me for counselling.

Love is very sensitive, more often people who are suffering from breakups are more sensitive than love. A counsellor can help him/her to overcome from Breakup, cheating or ditching. Make the call and fix this.

Most Families are often disturbed due to fighting between the couple, finance, addiction or career problem. The family problem can spoil kids future, spoil relationship with others. Consult to Dr Sandaya to find the solution for Family issues.

Addiction is one of the root cause of failure and loneliness in life. Addictions can be related to Alcohol, Mobile, Sexuality, Drugs or anything else. Counselling is the only way to get rid of the addiction. Dr Sandaya will help you or your friend to come out from Addictions.

Stress, Unhealthy lifestyle or due to any other natural reason leads to infertility. But infertility is not a problem, but the problem is how to face this situation and how to deal with this. Dr Sandaya will help you how to deal with infertility and help you to overcome the situations.

Victtrix is offering Garbh Sanskar for betterment of child’s future. Our Garbh Sanskar starts from Planning till age of five. Step by step guidance will provide to both couple.

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Why Dr Sandya?

Experienced Counselor

Dr Sandaya is one of an experienced counsellor in Mumbai. Her expertise to deal with stress, depression, anxiety or loneliness.


As counsellor Dr Sandaya was most trusted and reputed counsellor in Mumbai. She is one of best mentor for good life.

Available on Phone

Dr Sandya is available on phone in case of emergency or desperate need. So, remain worry free if your taking counseling from Dr Sandya


Dr Sandaya Counselling believe in Privacy and maintained a decorum of counselling. Nothing is shared publically, everything kept secret.

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