Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Victrrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy is an advanced skin treatment facility located in the Lokhandwala, Mumbai. We are offering a wide range of aesthetic skin treatments. Click here to know about Skin Treatment in Mumbai


Skin Care


Its hot summer or extra exposure to sun leads to Skin Tanning. But with proper treatment we can restore your skin as like before.

At Victrrix we have complete Tanning Treatment with amazing results. Our experts staff will review your skin type and after that start a treatment.

Skin Care


Pigmentation refers to the coloring of the skin. Skin pigmentation disorders cause changes to the color of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the pigment responsible for your skin’s color.

Skin Care


Freckles are harmless concentrations of melanin that cause dark spots on the skin. Our expert Skin Specialist can help you to remove Freckles from face and restore your old face

Skin Care

Chloasma Marks

Chloasma Marks can be treated and heal. Our expert staff will planout your Chloasma Mark Treatment after diagnosing your skin. Visit to our clinic or call us for details.

Skin Care

Melasma Treatment

Due to hevay pollution and direct sun light exposure to skin people suffer from Melasma. Melasma means discolored skin due to infection or sun burn.

Visit to Victtrix for Melasma Treatment. Under guidance of Dr Sandya your Melasma can heal faster and quicker.

Skin Care


Pimple is most common to everyone. Some skins are very prone to the Pimple and constant pimple are growing there face.

With proper treatment we can reduce the Pimple from face. Visit to our Clinic or call us for more details.

Skin Care


Most of female suffers from scars on face or body. Scars can be because of diseases or infections or anyother. At Victtrix we offer complete Scars Treatment as possible without surgery.

Contact us for more details or consultation

Skin Care

Uneven Skins

Most of us has uneven skin on face. Uneven skin make your look ugly or bad. But good news is that Uneven Skin can be treated by Victtrix.

We have advanced technology and medication to reduce uneven skins and restore clean and glowing face like normal face.

Feel free to call us for details or visit to our clinic for consultation

Skin Care

Fairness Treatment

Does your skin goes dull or unattractive? If yes, than Victtrix is answer for this.

At Victtrix has advanced machines and medication for Fairness Treatment. We will clean your skin and glow back your skin.

Why Victtrix?

Experienced Staff

At Victtrix, we have experienced staff for Skin, Hair, and Body Treatment.

Best Quality

We believe in quality and service and we use best quality cosmetics for your Skin, Hair, and Body.

Best Offers

Get amazing offers and discount on services. Enjoy premium service at discounted price.

certified Doctors

Dr. Sandya is certified Cosmetologist from UK. She has 25+ years of experience in Skin, Hair and Body

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